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Emerging Economies (RUSSIA) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Emerging Economies (RUSSIA) - Research Paper ExampleAccording to the research findings the Soviet Union was considered as one of the most powerful and abiding agricultural in the world in 1980s. The Soviet Union was getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time. The country was in addition stable economic exclusivelyy. However, the policies devised and adopted by the country weakened the economic and political situation which eventually resulted in disintegration of Soviet Union. However, the analysts are of the view that the basic moderateness of political and economic collapse of the Soviet Union was the culture of War which caused dire impacts on the economic and political situations of the country. This summationd war culture also affected the compute of the country and a expectanter portion of the budget was reserved only for the military. This increase in the military budget was made at the expense of the investment in the economy. By the mid of decade of 1980, half of the total out arrange of the country was consumed by the Soviet military only. This caused the shortages of the industrial commodities for the country and general public as a whole. Moreover, the commodities available in the market of Soviet Union were also not considered fit for use as all the commodities and goods which were in good condition were taken up by the military. Consequently, the consumers of the Soviet Union started importing the industrial goods to satisfy their desires. The economic factors that resulted in collapse of Soviet Union were also closely linked to the psychological factors affecting the people of the country. As the market was glooming day by day due to approachability of few products and commodities in the market, the people were getting more and more depressed. Those who could import the goods from other countries satisfied their needs, but the other portion of the public suffered a lot. This had severe impacts on the psychological situations of the people and also on their working patterns and habits. The level of distrust in the establishment was so high that the workers often said that the government pretended that they were paying them for their work and they pretended that they were working for the government. The analysts are of the view that the incentives for the production were very low. In some cases, the workers were not given any incentives for the efforts they put in. This deterred the workers from working. Grigory Yavlinsky, a Russian economist, was of the view that the arrangement of the system was not functioning properly because the workers were not working (Thayer, W. Silicon, V) At the time when the Soviet Union was liner great depression and economical instability, the Reagan administration in US decided to increase the military budget. They also proposed to implement an antiballistic missile system. This caused the Soviet Union to increase its military budget to maintain parity with United States. But at this stage, it was impossible for the Soviet Union to increase the share of its budget share for the military. The governing of the Soviet Union decided to end the cold war and also the arms race which resulted in the allocation of a greater portion of budget to fulfill the military purposes only. However, this also removed the possibility of an invasion by external forces. Thus, the people of the Soviet Union also refused to accept the totalitarian system of government. As a result, the whole political system of the country was disintegrated and the Soviet Union collapsed. The post-Soviet period was a tough time for Russia. Especially, the transition period brought great challenges for the Russian government and public. The ways and methods that were adopted by the Russian administration to deal with these challenges are of significant importance. Moreover, the revolutionary changes that were brought by the Russian government in the field of education, industry and resourc e sectors are worth-mentioning. The economic policies adopted by the government in immediate post-Soviet period are also of great importance. POST-SOVIET halt The Russian economy became one of the

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Perform a rhetorical analysis of a work of your choosing Essay - 1

Perform a rhetorical abstract of a work of your choosing - Essay ExampleSome advertisers focus on a particular get along group and design the advertizing on their perception about what the people of that age group would like to see (Haase, 1931 pp 67-80). On the other hand, other advertisers social function a different approach to target their customers. They make up a plan to target their customers by dividing them in the gender groups. The common theme of those advertisements is the enforce of texts and opthalmics to attract the customers. Designing an advertisement campaign for children would require the marketers to use cartoon characters, colourful pictures and creative art work to attract them, whereas, such an advertisement would give to grab the attention of professional people to sale machinery or equipments (Macleod, 2009 pp. 23-45). Hence, the use of symbols, language and illustrations is of immense importance in targeting audience and increasing sales. The rhetoric analysis is helpful in evaluating the success of advertisements in capturing the attention of consumers by the use of symbolic and textual information. The symbolic features of an advertisement also give some information about the product. Firstly the advertisement of Camel contains eye-catching pictures and excellent colour contacts to grab the attention of the consumers. The advertisement has made use of different font styles and sizes to make it see to it more unique. The use of font sizes and styles greatly depend on what the advertiser really wants to tell the customer and what is necessary or obligatory to include that not desired by the advertiser. The main message that the advertiser of Camel cigarette wants to deliver is the different flavours available for the season. This advertising campaign seems to be for a hold in season. It states that Theres only one season to indulge in both and further names the season with the flavour it has Camel Winter MochaMint, a chile bl ast of peppermint and Mocha or Camel Warm Winter Toffee, a swirl of sweet indulgence, cool and minty or warm & toasty. The Camel advertisement features a female with a good physical appearance. These characters basically point towards the targeted audience. The picture of that female character with slim body and distinct style separating the two flavours of the cigarette by her microscope stage is more likely to attract teenagers and age groups between 20 and 30. Camels advertisement is more likely to gather female consumers for the brand. The colour scheme of Camels advertisement and the icons used are more motivated to target teenagers. The smile and the way the girl is depicted while smoking seems more like a fashionable and pleasurable practice. Teenagers may want to try it once, especially girls, to look trendy, fashionable and modern. Camels advertisement does not weigh equal in visual and textual elements and more emphasis is placed on the use of pictures, colours and symbol s. Cigarettes have increasingly become famous in the world today and to control the flow of purchases in this world the manufacturers have to advertise their products. The advertisements of cigarettes are hard to make which is only because of the fact that cigarettes are supposed to be harmful to homosexual life. In this case the manufacturers have to be very careful when advertising for their products. Such an example of cigarette advertisement can be viewed in the advertisement of Camel. The manufacturers have been very careful when

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The Concepts of Advertising and Public Relations Essay

The Concepts of Advertising and Public Relations - Essay ExampleThe crisscrossed public is not necessarily constituent of any given(p) consumer base. However, the practice of influence, encouragement, or influence still plays a fundamental role as far as public relations atomic number 18 concerned. In essence, public relations work towards effective and efficient management of the underlying communication between an organization and its targeted publics (Wilcox, Glen, Philip, & Warren, 2003).In light of the above definitions, denote and public relations are essentially intertwined, but they still have their operational differences in actual practice. Advertising, which makes use of marketing communication, strives to influence consumer behaviour and perceptions towards given products and/or services (Chia & Synnott, 2012). In so doing, the result is to sell and at the same time convince the consumer to buy. While modes of advertising vary from one consumer target to another, the common denominator is that advertising is designed to influence consumer attitude.According to Chia and Synnott (2012), Clow and Baack, Means-End theory, and Leverage Points are critical models upon which advertising is practised. Before buying, consumers move through progressive steps of ratiocination making before choosing a product or service.

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Is the world tourism orginasation overexaggerating the benefits of Essay

Is the world touristry orginasation overexaggerating the benefits of tourism and recreation - Essay ExampleThe WTO has clearly delineated tourism and its possible benefits below the many classifications, such as a factor of sustainable development, a cultural heritage promoter and enhancer, a beneficial activity for the host untaught and community, and ultimately as a vehicle for individual and collective fulfilment. With this agenda, the WTO has been promoting tourism across countries and zones. touristry offers, an indirect way to balance the flow of money from the economically rich nations, whose people have plenty of money only if atomic number 18 stressed due to lack of time and leisure, to the people of economically backward nations, but with relatively less stress factors and with backgrounds of more cultural heritage, historical monuments/preservations or rural wilderness. It conducts periodic research and guidelines as to what are the things that tourists should take note of, charm embarking on tours and travelling across borders. Poverty alleviation program through tourism, has been vigorously advocated by the WTO. With WTO promoting the cause of tourism so largely, the world population at large, tend to believe more and more in the positive benefits of travel and tourism. On closer analysis, however, the question does arise, in ones mind, as to whether, the benefits of travel and tourism are really as great as portrayed by WTO, or is there some exaggeration. For this purpose, this research shall cite some case studies and citations to explore the cases in which the impact of tourism had indeed been beneficial and , how in some cases tourism has had some sort of negative impact on the people. Social Impact of Tourism Research findings of Hall et al, (1997), show us that the phenomenon of countryside tourism is found worldwide, and greatly encouraged to give a boost to the regional economies found in the area. The tourism movement itself, holds the potential to be diversified into as many ways as the following Wilderness tourism, National parks, Recreation resorts, Second homes, Retirement market and Cultural-heritage tourism. As more and more people retire, they would like to move away from the hectic and timeless lifestyles that the developed economies offered, to more peace filled beach resorts or rural resorts or houses. Sometimes studies reveal that the very existence of farm lands and the pre-industrial development life-style is good enough to induce people to have a rural visitation. A case of Chemainus a town in British Colombia is cited as an example.( Murphy, 1981). How the nondescript

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Reflection Paper Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reflection Paper - Case Study ExampleA good instance is a person who is avoiding members of a certain religious group that is affiliated with certain beliefs and acts. A Christian may avoid or depict an Islam based on the acts of terrorism that are linked to Muslims. The notion of reference group is significant in appreciating conformity, socialization, and how individuals take in and assess themselves (Koch 56).A reference group offers a setting of reference that has a positive or negative effect on the attitude and conduct of a person. These groups too carry out a comparable role by playing the role of a standard figure against which persons can do self-evaluation and other mess (Sheehy 127). The reference group is likely to be different due to a different culture or a different society. For instance, a person who was raised(a) in the Middle East countries in the Islam religion and teachings is likely to have a different reference group from an individual who has been brought up as a Catholic Christian. A reference group plays the primary source of self-evaluation and attainment of certain goal in life. An individual who decides to become a lawyer starts to be categorized with that reference group due to their goals and

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Law and policy for social work practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Law and policy for social work practice - Essay typeface2012, p. 1423). To provide better health and safety services to the baberen require all stakeholders to work together according to the laid down policies. It is important for the organizations and individuals to understand their roles in protecting and sustaining the interests of the children. Every action and decisions made should also be aimed at achieving the intended outcomes for the benefit of the child and the entire family (Johnson and Cahn, 1995, p. 16). Case Study Rochdale pip-squeak detestation Case Exploited Girls Faced Absolute Disrespect In Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case) there is a case of an institution that deals with cozyly abused adolescent girls in United Kingdom. The institution was faced with a situation in which some young girls were discriminated by the people who were supposed to take care of them. For instance, there were nine guys who had jointly slept with five girls after enticing th em with material things and then added drugs in their in their foods (The policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee. 2012, p.17). However, the protection council assumed that the young girls had submitted to the sexual molesters out of their own accord. Among the council members who were assisting the victims, three of them left their jobs. Most of the cases handled by the Rochdale were not adequately solved as was discovered by a Local Safeguarding Council. On contrary to the reasoning of the Rochdale council, the Crisis Intervention Team believed that the girls were abused by the rapists. Most cases are now transferred to Sunrise group who are presently assisting 106 teenager girls (Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case) This case was faced with several quandaries, with one being the inability to distinguish the issue of young girls and those of adult ladies. For example the assumption that the young ladies had contended to sexual performance out of their own accord yet they w ere below majority age (The policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee. 2012, p.13). These adolescents needed protection of the law under child Act which never happened. Also most of the staff members working with the group had left the organization before the issues were settled. Therefore, there was no one to confess in favour of the victims thereby resulting to injustice of the young girls. Consequently, the justice for the victims was delayed as the team sought for vital information to help them convict the suspects as anyone who flummox not attained the age of 18 years (Williams (2012, Rochdale Child Abuse Case). The 1989 and the 2004 children Acts refers to a child Section 17 of the Childrens Act 1989 define children in need as those who are not able to achieve a satisfactory level of health or development, those development has been impaired, those who lack service. Under atom 17(10) of the Children Act 1989, the disabled are also referred to a children in need (Oxford Journ als, 2012, p.1437). The various policies set out in the children act 2004, indicates that the child should be health, put up safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution to the society and be able to sustain themselves economically in future. Children need to feel loved, valued, and supported by a chain of individuals who are reliable and shows affection. They also need to feel respected, understood, listened to and to have their emotional feelings being considered and attended to. In the case of Rochdale, the institution neglected children who had been victims of rape

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FAMILY LAW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

FAMILY LAW - Essay ExampleThe main setback identified in this area is due to the fact that the national illegal justice system does not consider domestic abuse or effect as criminal activities, and fails to provide adequate protection for women against such offences1.To compound the misery, there is considerable bureaucratic apathy among the enforcement authorities, such as the police, prosecutors and judges. These persons have been found to be indisposed to identify the causes of domestic hysteria. Therefore, the enforcement of laws against domestic violence has not been effective or constructive. Most law enforcing authorities do not view domestic violence as a serious criminal issue, and consider it to be a private problem. Their belief is that women have to deal with the problem of domestic violence and derive at a solution to it by themselves. Most women believe that the criminal justice system acts as a barrier to their seeking the courts intervention to eliminate violence . Several international bodies claimed that domestic violence is a violation of human rights. They also demanded that human rights must be made relevant to domestic violence. Human rights treaties have to develop effective instruments to address the problem of domestic violence2.Activities such as physically hitting or slapping or a threat to cause harm to the victim or child of the victim, threatening to commit suicide or demeaning the victim verbally or physically, constraining the victim in visiting his or her friends or family member would constitute crimes of domestic violence3.Domestic violence is distinct from other types of assault. It should be dealt with separately with a separate dedicated mechanism for handling of cases and there should be high levels of prosecutions and punishments. Only then will it be possible to eliminate domestic violence from the lives of women. The effects of domestic violence are much higher than that of physical assaults. Psychological damage is a very common